October 25, 2010 – Hebrew Class notes & homework

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Notes from class on October 25, 2010:

1. This class is now officially at the “Advanced Intermediate” level, based on skills of the attending students.

2. We still welcome additional students to this very small class!

3. We studied the first verse in Parshat Hayyei Sarah. This led to discussions about Hebrew numbers (see Chapter 19), the imperative (“command”) voice (also Chapter 19), s’mikhut (Chapters 9 and 10), segolate nouns, two trop marks, and vocabulary.

Homework for November 1, 2010:

1. Hebrew script (aka Hebrew handwriting, Hebrew cursive): If you are still learning this, keep practicing the whole alphabet.  See chart on last page of text book.  Note that the final forms of fay and tzadi can be tricky.  Hint: Fay sofit (“final”) falls (goes down).

2. Make sure you know the names of all the Hebrew vowels.  Practice reading their names in Hebrew (not transliteration) on back page of text book.

3. Finish p. 351, Ex. 6.

In class we will go over the assigned homework and, depending on time, also review the forms for the reversing vav verbs in Binyan Hif’il found on p. 304.

As always, if you have any special text/curriculum requests, please comment below.

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