October 18, 2010 – Hebrew Class Notes & Homework

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Notes from class on October 18, 2010:

Two students attended, both at the Intermediate/Advanced level.  But we hope that additional students at other levels will join us on October 25.  The exact curriculum for the next seven weeks is still in progress; it will include, among other things, exercises from the text book; discussions of specific grammar topics, from the text book and beyond; and Torah text study, including discussions of translation and meaning.

Please join us on October 25.  If you have any special text/curriculum requests, please comment below.

Homework for October 25, 2010:

All levels:
Practice writing in Hebrew script.  Use the chart on the back page of the book as a guide.  Lots of learning tools exist for teaching yourself to write Hebrew script, online and in stores.  I hope to provide links to some of them soon.  (If you have links to share about this, please comment!)

p. 304 – review the forms for the reversing vav verbs in Binyan Hif’il
p. 351, Ex. 6 – translate as many of these verbs as you can

Advanced Beginner:
p. 52 – THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PAGE IN THE BOOK.  Review the conjugation of the verb “to guard.”  Memorize it.  Be able to recite it confidently from memory.  Also practice writing it from memory.  No one is “allowed” past Chapter 7 until they’ve mastered this.  That’s how important it is.

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