November 8, 2010 – Hebrew Class Notes & Homework

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Notes from class on November 8, 2010:

1. Need email address for Nancy!  Anybody who knows Nancy’s KS email address, please send it to Natasha, or ask Nancy to send it.

2. Revised schedule for remaining four class meetings:

  • Monday, November 15
  • Tuesday, November 23
  • Tuesday, November 30
  • Tuesday, December 7

3. Link to Google Calendar for this class:

Homework for November 15, 2010:

Study this five-verse section in Hebrew from Parshat Vayishlah: Gen. 35:9-13.

  • Everyone: Practice reading the section out loud at least five times before class.  I recommend doing it at least once per day.
  • Advanced students: Translate the section as best you can, using Hebrew dictionaries and any other references you like.  Write down your English translation.
  • Advanced students: Make a list of all the verbs in this section just as they appear in the text.  List the attributes of each verb, i.e., its shoresh, binyan, infinitive, p/g/n (person/gender/number), and translation.  Do the best you can.
  • Beginning/intermediate students: In the text book, review Chapters 4-8.  Make a list of the Hebrew grammar concepts you need to work on.  Memorize the vocabulary for these five chapters.  If you have time left over, try the verb assignment.

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