November 1, 2010 — Hebrew Class Notes & Homework

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Notes from class on November 1,  2010:

  1. We had five students in attendance this week, at a variety of skill levels.  Not all the newcomers pledged to return next week;  perhaps they will join a beginners class at Kerem Shalom starting in January 2011.
  2. Location: We met in Classroom 6.  Next week we will probably meet in the same place, or perhaps in Classroom 4.

Homework for November 8, 2010:

  1. Ongoing practice of Hebrew script.
  2. Ongoing memorization of the names of the Hebrew vowels.
  3. Study the first three verses of  פרשת ויצא (Gen. 28:10-12) in Hebrew. Do your best to translate this text without using dictionaries or other reference books.  Just skip any part that you can’t translate.  Resist the urge to find the answer for at least 24 hours.

In class on Nov. 8 we will (b’h)

  • discuss the assigned Torah portion
  • review the forms for the reversing vav verbs in Binyan Hif’il found on p. 304
  • review the five binyanim taught in our text book

As always, if you have any special text/curriculum requests, please comment below.

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