Free Torah-study session on October 5

“Noah was a pure tzaddik in his generations.”  (Gen. 6:9) (Tzaddik = righteous person)

How shall we understand this Biblical description of the well storied helmsman and lover of animals?  Is it straight-forward praise, or faint praise that damns?

What constitutes “righteousness” in 2010?  How do we define a modern-day tzaddik? (Or tzaddeket, the Hebrew feminine for “righteous person.”)

“Noah had three sons: Name, Heat, and Beauty.” (Gen. 6:10) (In Hebrew: Shem, Ham, and Yafet.)

Jewish tradition claims that all the human populations of history can be traced back to one of these three sons, whose very names indicate their characters.  What do you think of this as a lens through which to view today’s world?

Come to a Torah-study session with Natasha Shabat to discuss these and other probing questions about Noah and his ark.  No Hebrew knowledge required, admission is free.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010
10:15 AM – 12:15 PM
Kerem Shalom
659 Elm St., Concord, MA

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